Vanharen Learning Solutions

Clients & Partners

Our Clients & Partners


Authors & Reviewers

Much of what we make is produced by authors and checked by reviewers. Their passion and eye for detail is a the heart of our organization. 


Certification Scheme Partners

Our certifications are mostly owned by the IP/scheme owner of the practice. We help them build their brand so they can improve the world with their experience and knowledge. 


Training Partners

The training partners offering our certifications are what enables us to reach out to the eco-system. They are vital for us in reaching out to the  market and enhance the benefits we can provide. 


Courseware Partners

Courseware partners are organizations that license our courseware so they can optain easy and fast-track acccreditation without worrying about reviews, acccreditation and quality issues. 


Affiliates & Acedamies

Among our courseware partners, we have affiliates and academies who use our material and organizational body to provide training. We greatly appreciate the trust these organizations have in us and will do everything in our power to repay them this trust by supporting them! 


Launching Partners

Whenever we decide to bring a new product onto the market it is always based on customer feedback and their needs. We often select one or more customers to start this journey with us. We then host the product launch with this customer and allow them to create a name for themselves in the market as a launching partner. 


Distribution Partners

In particular, Van Haren Publishing depends greatly on their distribution partners. Something we at Van Haren Learning Solutions also leverage in order to distribute our courseware. We have over 1200 of them and we value them all. 


Regular Customer & Members

It’s thanks to our B2B and B2C customers who have made it possible for Van Haren Learning Solutions to remain viable so we can keep on spreading our know-how and knowledge. Most important are the members of our partners who we depend on.


Event & Media Partners

Van Haren has an off- and online strategy, this includes events and conventions. We count on these events and our media partners to help maximize our reach. 


Working with Van Haren as a supplier is as a partnership. We share the successes and resolve issues quickly together. And in the meanwhile, it is also a pleasant way of collaborating.
Reinoud Ykema
Project, portfolio en delivery Manager Capgemini Academy
The high-quality courseware and books from Van Haren make our training of very strong offering. We can really differentiate ourselves from other suppliers and it makes our organization efficient and effective.
Gert Kedde
Product Manager Global Knowledge

Certification Scheme Partners

Training & Courseware Partners

Regular Customers & and Members

Distribution Partners​

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