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Certifications that participate

The certifications below have agreed to support professionals so that they upon request can get a free certification with the Barter for certification scheme.
Agile exam
pragmatic kanban certification
sam specialist certified

How does it work

Join the community

Register yourself for the Van Haren Community so you can join the appropriate group and share here your case-study.

Get recommendation

We want to be sure that you already accumulated the required knowledge. See below what to do.

Publish your case-study​

See below the requirement we set for the case-study and where and how you are supposed to publish it.

Share it on your linkedIn

Read below how to post your case-study on LinkedIn and how to make sure we can be sure to see it.

tag Van Haren Community

We will do an audit on what you have created to be sure it has value to others and you put an effort.

Receive a free examination

Once you meet all the requirements our team will send you a (free) exam voucher so you can go for the exam.

Join the community ​

Join the community environment, go to the group that belongs to the certification that you like to get your exam attempt for. Once you have joined you will be able to find many recourses there to gather the required content to educate yourself.

Have an authority recognize that you have put the effort into mastering the content. This can be one of our education partners, associations, or institutes that recognize your commitment. It can even be your employer.  

Have a partner recognize in any form on your post that you have the required knowledge. Another option is that you do the demo exam and pass with plus 80%. Include a explanation and picture of your score in your post. 

Get a recommen-dation

Our about

Publish your Case-study

share your story

We say case-study, but it may also be several practice assignments, en elaborate presentation a video, animation, or any thin clearly showing you have learned and have the required amount of knowledge. and that what you deliver is of value to the industry.

The requirements of the case-study/assignment.
We ask that you provide a case study from a minimum of 600 words. Including a summary, introduction, problem description, applied theory, and the solution. Please clearly state how you have applied knowledge that is part and/or related to the certification that you are working with.

Process and where to upload your case-study.
Upload the case study into the community environment, with the open documents folder or as a post. Also, include there a screenshot and explanations of how and what your means have been to study in this specific subject.

Barter for certification - Troca por certificação

Share it on your linkedIn​​


Get recommendation

Tag @Van Haren Community

At point 4 you have tagged @VanHarenCommuniy, this is so that we can find your post and review all your effort. We can then also see if you did all the required steps accordingly. We or the partner that provided your recommendation. Will inform you possibly via private message if you missed out on anything.


PS. before you tag us, be sure to follow our LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, we might not see your post. 


Barter for certification

Example post


Receive a free examination​​

Once you have successfully executed the steps above, we are looking forward to congratulating you.


Via a private message, one of our colleagues will provide you with an exam voucher so you can go for the exam without cost.
(value between 195 – 450 euro).


Please do get the syllabus and study well.
Since you will get the official exam and will be tested like everyone else.

If you meet all the specifications and pass the exam confirm with its requirements you will become a certified professional in this certain domain. You can then also share your social badge on linkedIn if you like to do so. 



Please do also let us know what you think of this Barter for certification offer and do share it with your colleagues if you think this could be an opportunity for them as well. 

On the product page of the certifications, you can access the online (free) demo exam. These are 10 – 15 exam questions. Please do this demo exam and make sure that you pass with a minimum score of 75% +

This is so that we can confirm that you have already squared the knowledge to pass your exam. 

Include your exam score in your post as described at point 3. 

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