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In SAFe, an Agile Release Train is the team of teams that work together on the development and
maintenance of a product. The train delivers an increment of a product “at a station”, takes on
new work and then continues to the next station. See SAFe.

The backlog is the general term for the list of everything that requires the effort of the team. This
includes, for example, business wishes, bug fixes, incidents, the installation and maintenance of
technical systems and experiments. See also Product Backlog, Project Backlog, and Sprint Backlog

A methodology for the development of companies and products, aimed at shortening product
development cycles and quickly discovering whether a proposed business model is viable

A first version of the product with just enough functionality for early customers to get feedback.
This feedback is very important for the further development of the product.

The overview of work to be performed and status. Well-known examples of this are the Scrum
board and the Kanban board. The planning board can be both a physical (white- or brown paper)
board or a digital tool.

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