Certification made Digital – backed by the Flemish government with an innovation grant.

Certification made Digital – backed by the Flemish government with an innovation grant.

Van Haren Learning Solutions Certification

Authors: Maurits van der Plas & Alexander Pattyn

Van Haren Learning Solutions has entered the professional certification industry in late 2019.

The motivation to enter the industry has been that even though there are great certification providers, we believe that there is still space on the market for a provider as long as they can differentiate themselves from what is currently available.

Van Haren Learning Solutions has started this initiative in close cooperation with the new Belgian examination institute, CertN. CertN is developing an innovative examination portal that supports the Van Haren Learning Solutions Certification initiative. The owners of CertN are clever and genuine modern thinkers. With their technical innovations and the market position of Van Haren Learning Solutions, we will work together to launch digital certifications.

First adopters of the digital certification

The first major network to believe in this digital certification was the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN). BIAN expressed confidence and belief in this certification approach for its advanced anti-fraud solutions and flexibility. Soon to follow was the Agile Consortium. Partaking in the creation of the Agile manifesto, the Agile Consortium has certified over 6000 professionals and like BIAN stands for a trademark of quality, modern thinking and digital transformation. In that line of thinking, I.AM.DIGITAL and Pragmatic Kanban signed up for the Van Haren Learning Solutions certification services.

Digital certification

Thanks to the innovative technology that CertN contributes to the collaboration, certifications can be provided online, secure, and fully compliant with GDPR and ISO 170024 regulations. We like to think that we are even going a bit further in regards to the privacy policy and services.

Nader K. Rad, CIO CertN “I think, that if there is a competition about customer-friendly privacy policy and ways of working. Yeah… we would definitely win it!

The innovative technology used to build the examination portal used for the digital certifications offers the following optional services:

  • Anywhere, Anyplace examination
  • Examination Simulator, a practice exam in the examination environment
  • Question Simulator, question Development enablement
  • Multi-Language Feature, easy translation and (secure) version control in up to 28 languages per exam
  • Completely safe and secure.
  • Custom Social Badging, tailored social badges per person

Find more at: https://www.vhls.global/examination/

Substantial development grant

The Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) has awarded CertN a substantial development grant to build the intelligent certification platform used for the Digital Certifications.  The goal of Vlaio is to stimulate growth and innovation in Flanders. With their support, they want to support certN.global build a platform that can be used to securely conduct online exams.

VLAIO is happy to support the ambition of building a world-class certification platform that is easy to implement and provides a reliable evaluation of skill. They believe that there is a real need in the market for a platform that can provide a safe online alternative for classroom examinations.

Frank Turley, CEO CertN – “We are delighted to collaborate with the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on this project and are happy to support its mission of advancing world-class innovation in the Flanders region.”

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