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Van Haren Learning Solutions ‘ main strategy to improve rapid adoption of best practices is to support the eco-system. We, therefore, try to support the eco-system to the best of our ability.
Would you like to contribute? Join the eco-system! There are several ways you can do this. You can contribute by publishing whitepapers,  become a member, certify yourself or get your organization accredited. It’s all appreciated and we will do our best to facilitate you in this effort

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Training Partners

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Certified Professionals

Become part of the professionals that are certified in Agile. choice your manner of education, prepare yourself and pass the exam to become certified!


Learn, Study Or Be Trained

Choice what fits you and your budget. The best option is to follow an accredited training. 


Do The Practice Exam

Wen ordering the exam voucher you will get access to the practice exam. This may give you an indication of you level of understanding. 


Do the exam

When you are ready for it, do the exam. When you pass with 70% you will be granted the Agile Foundation certificate.and social badge. 

Aks those who did the exam before.

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Embrace, lifelong learning!

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