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How to get your social badge

Please log in to, if you log in here with the same email adress that you used to register your exam. 

Then you will be able to activate your social badge. 

Register at

How to and step by step explanation

When you approach the end of your learning process, you will be provided with an exam voucher. You can start the following process as soon as you receive the voucher.

First, go to the exam platform at

You will see the following page:

Enter your email address and click on the “Next” button. Make sure you’re using an accessible email address.

This is what you see when you enter your email address:

Now check your email address for the authentication email from If you don’t see the email, remember to check your spam folder as well.

The email will look like this:


You can use either the link, or the code. The link is easier to use, but if you are using your laptop and have access to your email only on your phone, then you need to use the code.

Note that the link and code are valid for 15 minutes. If you don’t use them within 15 minutes, you can simply go back and submit your email again to receive another link/code.

After following the link or entering the code, you will see the following page:




Enter your first name and last name and click on the “Next” button; it opens the confirmation page. Click on the “No” button to edit your name. If the name is correct, click on “Yes”. Note that after this point you will not have access to edit your name. If you find out a mistake in your name after this point, you need to request a change by contacting

After confirming your name, the main dashboard opens.

Go to ‘Download your certificate’ to access your digital badge.

When you log in, Select ‘Download your certificate and use your digital badge here’. Select it when it highlights.


Here you can see some general information about the exam, as well as those related to your voucher, such as expiration date.
Note that some vouchers are valid for one attempt, and some may be valid for more than one.
You can’t take the exam after you use the valid attempts, and you will need to activate another voucher.

When you’re ready, click on the “Start the Exam” button to start the exam.

The main exam is similar to the simulated exam that you’re already familiar with.

If you’re disconnected in the middle of the exam, you can fix your connection or even use a different device to go back to, log in (if needed), and continue the exam where you left off. Note that in this case, time will be running while you’re disconnected.

FAQ About taking a online exam

How do I take the exam?

After ordering the exam voucher via the webshop, you will receive a download link and voucher code in your confirmation email. By following this download link and by using your voucher code you will gain access to the exam on the certN platform. Here you will register and follow the procedures, the exam will NOT start directly. You can take the practice exam first to prepare yourself for the actual exam on the certN platform.

How can I contact you for support?

For support related to your training/voucher and etc.: For technical support in using the exam platform:

For reporting issues or asking questions related to the content: contact the examiner using the “coaching” feature available on the platform (explained in the guide below)

What are the system requirements for the online exam?

A fast and reliable internet connection is preferred. We advise you to take the exam on a laptop or desktop, your mobile is possible not preferred.

What if my internet is disconnected in the middle of the exam?

You can go back to the platform and continue where you stopped using the same or a different device. Time continues to run while you’re disconnected.

When do I get my results?

Immediately after finishing the exam.

When do I receive my Certificate and Social Badge?

After passing the exam with a minimum score of X% (she exam requirements),  your certificate will be provided shortly after via email.

You will also receive an email that will enable you to activate and share your Social Badge.

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