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Contract management with CATS CM®

Using CATS CM®  will help any organization in getting in control over all levels of contract management. Certified professionals will excel and help organizations to become winners in contractmanagement.

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Why the CATS CM Certification?

With the increasing number of contracts and the increasing need for agility of the entire contract portfolio, the need for structured and scalable contract management within organizations is also increasing. CATS CM® has been recognized and recognized for over ten years as the method that offers this to organizations. More and more organizations are asking for demonstrable knowledge of the method and certification and include this in job criteria for contract management. By taking the exam you can demonstrate that you have the CATS CM® Foundation knowledge.

Once you have obtained the CATS CM® Foundation certificate, you have demonstrated that you understand what contract management based on CATS CM® means and you can use the concepts and models. This allows you to participate quickly and in the right way in an organization the CATS CM® has chosen as the basis for its contract management. But also to achieve a better return on your own in the contracts you have under your care. The certificate is certainly also valuable for professionals who are closely involved in their day-to-day work working with contract managers.


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FAQ about the exam

  • The CATS CM® contract management Process and contract management scenarios
  • The key factors for successful contract management
  • CATS Contractlifecycle
  • Contract Management Essentials 

The expected study effort for this exam is 16 hours. The number of contact hours is recommended via an accredited CATS CM® training or e-learning

The number of questions:


Duration (minute) of exam:

60 minutes

Pass Mark – X% (X marks):


Open/Closed book:


· Passing the certification exam is a sure way of consolidating the participants’ knowledge and understanding and to make sure any learning gaps are effectively addressed.

· Certification is the only way to ascertain that participants understand the concepts and are ready to embark on implementing these concepts at work. Without this, it will be difficult to find a quantifiable way to measure the effectiveness of application of their knowledge.

· Certification is a (clear) indication that the participants attained proficiency is acknowledged by an independent international certification body.

· From an educational point of view, it is a huge morale booster and motivates participants to engage with confidence in real-life implementation and collaboration in the project environment.


CATS CM® is and has been the proven contract management methodology since 2005. Over 500 organizations and thousands of professionals have worked or are working according to this standard. CATS stands for Contract Administration and Tracking Scenarios. It helps organizations to collaborate in a way that multi-year plans get the necessary agility and empowers people to become winners in contract management! CATS CM® sets the standard on how contract management should be approached within your company.

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