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The ISM Method offers a complete and standardized management toolset for ITSM, with resources that support the use of ISM during and after the introduction.

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About ISM

ISM is a method for improving IT service delivery. ISM consists of the ISM framework, the ISM introduction method, and the ISM support that comes with it. Because many organizations and administrators apply ISM in almost identical ways, experiences are interchangeable. This allows users from different organizations to help each other in the application and further development of the method.

Wim Hoving, Global thought leader & CEO Servitect
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Why the ISM Method

ISM is designed to improve IT service delivery through structuring, standardizing, and simplifying ITSM. The initial prompt for the realization of ISM was the experience, over many years, that ITIL implementations had little or no success. Many organizations are already working on their second or third ITIL, ASL, or MOF introduction project. Some organizations have been trying to ‘implement ITIL’ for 15 to 20 years, and are now in control (to some degree) of no more than three processes. Furthermore, they have often started working on only one or two other processes. Many organizations that claim to have implemented ITIL appear to have only process descriptions that are hardly known among their staff and are rarely used as they were meant to be, let alone are yielding demonstrable results.

IT services

ISM is focused entirely on effectively and efficiently realizing the IT service delivery.

Continual improvement

With ISM, an IT management organization is able to achieve a better working method and thus better performance from its current practice.


ISM is not a reference model that can be used as a checklist for organizations that want to document their own working methods.


The purpose of simplification is to improve workability. Complex organizational models may be correct, but in practice they hardly ever work.

Immediately applicable

An important consequence of standardization is that many organizations use not only the same processes but also the same support structures.


Structuring means that principles and design choices are applied in a consistent way to achieve a coherent structure that is easily understood and applied.

FAQ About the ISM exam

  • The ISM training has as purpose to give the participant the headlines, insights and approach of the IT-management organizations of the ISM-method. In the end the participant is the participant fully aware how to function in a ISM handled company.

The targeted audience for the ISM Foundation training existed of:

  • Individuals that want to work with the ISM-method at an IT-management organization.
  • Co-workers that work for an IT-management organization that works with or is going to work with ISM-method.

Job descriptions such as:

  • Enterprise and Solution Architects who work in the financial services industry.
  • Consultants and Senior Consultants that operate in the financial services industry.
  • Tooling providers that operate in the financial services industry
  • Software Solution Providers that operate in the financial services industry
  • Integrators and 3rd party service providers that operate in the financial services industry .
  • The meaning of IT-management in general, the context of the busines processes of information facilities.
  • The characteristics and structure of IT-services.
  • The business assets: People, Process, product, and the way they can be implanted in the ruling of the service.
  • The relation between process, procedures, and work instructions.
  • The relation between process and organizational functional.
  • Process-based work versus line- and project-based work.
  • The different process-management and execution rolls and their tasks.
  • The ISM-process model and the 6 core processes.
  • The ISM-principles and the assumptions.
  • The application of the ISM-method usage.
  • The way IT-management organization can be improved and optimized at all time. And in which employees can deliver contribution.
The number of questions:40
Duration(minute) of exam:60 minutes
Pass Mark – X% (X marks): 26 questions
Open/Closed book:closed
  •    –   Exchange of the theory
  •        Discussions of the practice-examples and practice-assignments
  •        Reflection on your own work situation
  •        Reflection on own contribute of the employees to the service.
  •        The trainee can follow a training with an ISM-Expert
  •         The trainee can use the syllabus

Attempting the certification exam is a sure way of consolidating the participants’ ISM knowledge and to make sure the learning gaps are effectively addressed.

Certification is the only way to ascertain the participants understood the concepts and ready to embark on implementation work. Otherwise, there is no quantifiable way to measure their effectiveness knowledge transfer.-      

Certification is an indication that the participants attained proficiency in ISM and acknowledged by an independent international body

From an educational point of view, it is a big morale booster and motivates participants to engage confidently in real-life implementation and collaborative in the project environment.

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Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs

Ism is the right foundation to build to the next step

DUO wanted to simplify the current IT-Organization. So, DUO chose the ISM method. The ISM processes are now IT-wide, and uniform applied. DUO beliefs that ISM is the right foundation to further build on.

St Antonius

St Antonius

Professional collaboration

Sint Antonius hospital has with the help of the ISM-method became far more professional. Because of the collaboration is the IT-department more professional and has the service management tool replaced. The department demonstrably complies with the NEN7510 and is driven to complete the yearly accomplishments partly by the IDM dashboards and reports.



More grip and better performance

The IT department of Mammoet wanted to work more planned and with better collaboration between the different departments worldwide. They chose for the ISM method supplemented with The Theory of constraints (TOC). The IT manager of Mammoet is positive about the results. He has more grip, and the department delivers better performance. The working stock and the open massages are reduced by 50%.

Behind the content

Wim Hoving

Wim has over more then 20 years of experience in introducing and applying process-based working. Critical and self-taught he constantly worked to improve service delivery through practical innovation and coherence between all tools.​

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