Vanharen Learning Solutions

Pragmatic Kanban Webinar

Date exicuted: 21-05-2020
Duration: 1,5 hours
Techniek: Microsoft Teams meeting
Speaker: Jasper Sonnevelt 
Moderator: Maurits van der Plas

In this two hour webinar we will walk prospective trainers through the ins and outs of the Pragmatic Kanban Foundation training. This training class has been developed by Pragmatic Learning as part of our hands on training offerings. The goal of the class is to teach attendees a hands on, pragmatic way of implementing Kanban in their team and organisation. Our vision is that improving the way a team delivers value should be simple and easy to understand. The Pragmatic Kanban class is an introduction to Kanban that is heavily focussed on understanding what problem needs to be solved and having a well equipped set of tools and practices to do what is needed in your own context. 

This webinar will be an interactive session to help new trainers understand materials and the path to teaching this class as well as how to facilitate buying decisions for teams. 

The content for the webinar will be:

– Foundational teaching principles of this class
– Quick walkthrough of materials 
– The exam
– What you need to know to train this class
– Q&A

There will be ample time to answer Q&A.

The webinar is open to all audiences. 

We will provide you with a link that you can use to join the webinar through Microsoft Teams. 
The session will be recorded and provided later to all attendees. 

About Jasper Sonnevelt
Since 2008 Jasper has been working in and around teams that have implemented Kanban. Fortunate enough to have been working with thought leaders and now well known and respected coaches Jasper has been involved in the community as the Kanban Method as first described by David Anderson evolved throughout the years. As a change and transformation consultant Jasper works at the executive level in large organisations that look to fundamentally change the way they deliver value to their customers. The understanding ofwhat is needed at all levels of the organisation to run an effective and efficient business has been used to focus this training into a curriculum that helps give the team the right tools as well as providing management the right information on how to facilitate the teams in their journey. 

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