Certified BIAN partner blog: Narjes Farzi

Certified BIAN partner blog: Narjes Farzi

Who are you?

I hold a master’s degree in Software Engineering from Iran. My thesis is entitled “Developing a Novel Mobile Banking Software Process Architecture by Deploying eTOM Framework.

How did you hear or BIAN and are you involved with BIAN?

In this project, we proposed an architecture by definition and designing a common bus channel layer aiming to obtain a wise and organized set of services. The architecture was achieved by collecting information from the customer relationship management layer and also analyzing the demands of customers while merged with the information gathered from products and current resources. I tried to compare eTOM Framework to BIAN in my thesis. It was the first time that I hear BIAN. after that I become interested in BIAN and and did a lot of research about it. 

Upon completing my study, I started working in a company (SADAD INFORMATICS CORP:”https://sadad.co.ir/“) that works on creating and developing banking software.  One of the goals of the company was to apply and implement the BIAN standard. As a result, I am working on the BIAN standard and trying to understand how we can customize it to be able to implement it for our company, aiming to improve the efficiency of banking systems in Iran. 

What benefits do you think BIAN and the BIAN certification can provide to you?

I believe that nowadays all the banks and financial industries need to change their business architecture until they will be able to move to digitization so I think BIAN is very useful to achieve this purpose because BIAN defines all the asset that we need in bank and  all of them categories as a Service Domain.

BIAN Service Landscape and specially Service Domains are very useful for domain driven design. In the other hand, BIAN  is agnostic in implementation so we can use their service domains in any banks. It is so interesting and unique. 

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