Certified BIAN partner blog: Rico Chiang

Certified BIAN partner blog: Rico Chiang

Who are you?

I am the principal consultant of AI Consultancy Limited, specializing in enterprise architecture training and consulting services. I station in Hong Kong and support clients in all Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

How did you hear or BIAN and are you involved with BIAN?

I heard about BIAN when I was doing architecture reference model research for my clients in financial industry. I’m not involved with BIAN in any aspect.

What benefits do you think BIAN and the BIAN certification can provide to you?

BIAN framework provide a lot of useful models for my financial industry clients and helps our consulting business a lot. Although the models are free for download, it’ll be difficult to use them if you don’t understand the design principles and reasons behind. The BIAN course and certification enable me to make the best use of those BIAN artifacts right away. The latest BIAN APIs designs also aligned very well with our Agile Architecture approach which we are promoting to our clients. 

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