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How to start your online exam?

1. After ordering the exam voucher via the webshop, you will receive a
download link and voucher code in your confirmation email.

2. Click on the provided link and use your voucher code to gain access to the exam on the CertN platform.

3. Complete your registration and follow the set-up procedures.
(The exam will NOT start directly.)

4. Do several practice exams before you take your final exam on the CertN platform.  


Answers to frequently asked questions regarding our online exams.

How to register and do your exam

Step-by-step instructions on how to register for and take your final exam.

Get ready for your exam!


Learn, Study Or Be Trained

Prepare yourself based on what fits your needs best. We recommend accredited training! 


Do The Practice Exam

Wen ordering the exam voucher you will get access to the practice exam. This may give you an indication of you level of understanding. 


Do the exam

When you are ready for it, do the exam. Review the passing rate of the exam to be sure what you need to pass the exam

Exam instructions

Towards the end of your learning process, you will receive your exam voucher. As soon as you have received the voucher you can start the (practice) exam process.

Open the exam platform at https://certn.globalYou will see the following page:

Enter your email address and click on the “Next” button. Make sure you’re using an easily accessible email address.

You will see the following page:

Then here add the code you receive via email. 

Via the link Sign up and login troubleshooting » you can find a more detailed description and reach support:

certN uses a password-less authentication system for increased security. In this system, instead of storing a username/email-address and a password for your authentication, only your email address will be stored, and each time you want to log in, a login link and a code will be sent to you, using which you can log in to the system.

I Don’t Receive the Login Email

If you don’t receive the login emails from,

  1. Refresh your email client to check for new emails.
  2. Wait a few minutes and check again.
  3. Check your spam folder, and any other folder (such as “promotional”) that may contain new emails.

If the steps above don’t work for you, it means that your mail server thinks that the email is spam, and therefore, is deleting or rejecting it. Solving this issue depends on your mail server: You may have access to whitelist, or you may have to ask your sysadmin to do it for you.

If you can’t fix the issue in your mail server, the only solution is to use an alternative email address. In contrast to some [poorly set up] corporate email systems, public email services such as those from Gmail and Yahoo usually work without any issues.

I Can’t Sign-Up or Login Using the Link/Code

There can be two reasons for that:

  1. The link and code are valid for 15 minutes. If it’s been more than 15 minutes since they’ve been issued, you need to go back to and try again, to receive a new code.
  2. You’re using a wrong code. The login code is what you receive from for a one-time login. Make sure you’re not mistaking it for the voucher code you’ve received from your training provider to activate exams.

After clicking the link (or entering your valid code), you will see the following page:

Enter your first name and last name. Click on the “Next” button; it opens the confirmation page. Click on the “No” button to edit your name. If you name is correct, click on “Yes”. 

Note: after this point you will no longer be able to edit your name yourself. If necessary, request any further name changes by contacting

After confirming your name, the main dashboard will open up.

Agreeing Terms

Confirm your legal capacity. 

Accept privacy terms and exam regulations

Please accept the privacy terms, please do go through them.
we are very transparent in our terms and aim to act accordingly in what we will do with your details.

Then please also accept the exam regulations, also here please do and review them to understand what is or is not allowed. If you accept the terms we assume you have read them and agree to them.

The next time you log onto the system using the same email address it will automatically direct you to this page.

Enter your voucher code in the box provided, and click on the “Next” button.

Once the voucher code has been entered correctly, the main exam, and the practice exam will be added to your dashboard.

First though, accept specific exam terms as on the image below: 

Simply select the exam. The (practice) exam will not start until you press the ‘Start’ button on the page. So feel free to press more info..

Click on the “Start” button to begin your exam:

You can navigate through questions using the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, or use the navigation table at the top of the screen.

You may need to select your exam language 

Be careful to do this correctly!

You can click on the “Flag this question for review” checkbox to enable or disable the flag.
This flag is to remind you to come back to the question so you that can review your answer later on. Flagged questions are highlighted on the navigation table.

When you’re done, click on the “Finish” button to see what your results are.

Click on the “Detailed feedback” button to get feedback after doing the practice exam:

If you have an issue with a question, or wish to give us feedback about a question, then click on the “Coaching” button.
A comments section will open up so that you can leave us a message. The message, along with your name, email address, and the content of the question will be sent to the examiner.

When you’re done, click on the “Go back to the dashboard” button to return to the dashboard of the exam simulator. Or click on the “Go back to the main page” to return to the main dashboard of the website so that you can activate vouchers and select exams.

If you choose to return to the exam simulator dashboard, you will see the following page:

If you wish, you can start another practice exam. There are no limits to the number of attempts to do the simulated exam.

At the bottom of the page, you can see your previous attempts. Click on the “Review” button to check your results and to view any feedback provided during previous attempts.

Once you’ve finished studying and practicing with the exam simulator, click on the “Go back to the main page” link at the top of the page to return to the main page:

Click on the main exam to open this page:

Some general information about the exam and your voucher, such as expiration date, can be found here. Note that some vouchers are valid for one attempt only, while others may be valid for more than one. If all valid attempts have been used, you must then proceed to take your final exam.

Once you’re ready, click on the “Start the Exam” button to start the exam. The main exam is similar to the simulated exam.

If you become disconnected during your exam, you can fix your connection or even use a different device. Go back to, and log in (if needed) to continue the exam where you left off. 

NOTE: the timer will continue to run even if you are disconnected!

FAQ about taking an online exam

How do I take the exam?

After ordering the exam voucher via the webshop, you will receive a download link and voucher code in your confirmation email. Click on the download link and use your voucher code to gain access to the exam on the CertN platform. Complete your registration and follow the set-up procedures. The exam will NOT start directly. You can take the simulated exam to prepare yourself for the actual exam on the CertN platform.

How can I contact you for support?

For support related to your training, voucher, etc.: For technical support when using the exam platform:

To report issues or ask questions related to the content, please contact the examiner using the “coaching” feature available on the platform (explained in the guide below).

What are the system requirements for the online exam?

A fast and reliable internet connection is preferred. We advise you to take the exam on a laptop or desktop. It is possible to take the online exam on your mobile – though this is not recommended.

What if I LOSE internet CONNECTION in the middle of the exam?

You can return to the platform and continue  where you left off regardless if you are using the same device or a different one.  Be warned! The timer continues to run even if you’re disconnected.

When do I get my results?

You will receive your results immediately after finishing the exam.

When do I receive my Certificate and Social Badge?

You will receive your certificate via email shortly after having passed the exam. Successful completion of an exam requires a minimum score of X% (the exam requirements).

You will also receive an email enabling you to activate and share your Social Badge.

Exam Tips

We have a practice and demo exam. The practice exam is more suited as an exam trainer. But you can also use the demo exam.

Do this for example before you start studying so you have an idea of what kind of questions you can expect.

Practice the exam navigation system. Before you do an actual exam, practise the exam navigation system in with the practise exam. 

Test the exam system and method of examination. Get a feeling of how the system and exam environment works


Click on the “Detailed feedback” button to get feedback after doing the practice exam:

Test the exam system and method of examination including the translation module.
If the exam is not in your native language this enables you to (google) translate the page content.

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