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We do it our way

We create examinations ready for the future! Our approach is innovation-driven where the key to our success depends on the success of the exam candidate’s experience.

There is some criticism regarding traditional examinations and certifications. Which only motivates us further to show the world that it can be done differently!

Anyone can excel in their field of expertise, but luckily there are ways to show and measure your knowledge and skills.  You can do this by blogging, vlogging, podcasts, writing whitepapers, etc.

Or you can get certified to show off your newly acquired skills and improve your own career growth. 


Why Choose Us?

Our examination platform CertN professional provides unique advantages and possibilities for both the content owner and for the exam candidate. Since we regularly review our examination process with an unbiased eye, it means we can identify which problems providers are currently being faced. We gain a better understanding of the current digital landscape, and that’s what drives us to come up with creative solutions to solve them.

Anywhere, Anyplace

Our online examination ensures that candidates can do exams anywhere!

Examination Simulator

There is one environment for the exam training, the final exam, and for coaching purposes.

Question Simulator

We use our highly efficient automatization tool for question creation and for question optimization.

Multi-Language Feature

Single sourced feature which allows greater control over a vast amount of translations.

Fully Safe

Fully GDPR, Privacy and ISO 170024 compliant for users and all content owners

Custom Social Badging

Custom social badge per candidate with each successfully completed certification.

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