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Trainers get the trainer material like the Powerpiont presentation for free after signing up with us. If you organization has signed up with us. You can request acces on this page. 

Prepare your trainers - how do we work?

Our procedure is quite simple. Once you become a partner you can request direct access to the material and manage it per trainer. The requested information will then be provided to your trainer.  They can then prepare themselves to be ready to train! 


Orientate yourself

Orientate yourself first to find out what your needs are, and if Van Haren can be of help. Request viewing copies to evaluate material and reach out to us to see what else we can offer! 


Become a partner - If you are not yet a partner

Request the (free) license agreement  below. We will immediately provide you with a license agreement. All you need to do is read and sign it – then return it to us. 

(There are no annual fees.)


Request access to specific material

Request access to the material. You can immediately download it and start preparing yourself to train others! 


Deliver training

You are ready to give your own training! 

Request a trainer material

License agreement

Sign up to become our partner! Get your accreditation today and start training tomorrow.

Request a viewing copy

If you see a product you like, but first want to check it out, simply request a viewing copy.,

Prepare your trainers

How do I get my trainers up and running?

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