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University service

We have many proven solutions for universities that have can add value to an educational program. (been proven of the greatest added value).

All teacher material for free

All Lector and teacher material is for free, this includes presentations, books, viewing copies and (VHLS) exams.​

Digital examination & Invigilation

Via our CertN Academic solutions, we can enable global universities to execute testing and remote invigilation.

Accreditation service

Van Haren helps universities and similar institutes to establish accreditation so they can legitimately offer several examens and certifications to there students..

How do we help

Van Haren Learning Solutions provides several university services. We provide certification services that allow an organization to provide professional certified educational services. They can do this cost-effectively with the highest quality, and with relatively low effort. 

Additionally, we support education facilities or professional certification organizations with the examination execution. We can do this as an executioner of professional certification or as a facilitator of digital examination including invigilation, identification and which is also scalable and cost-efficient.

Digital examination & Invigilation

CertN Academic is a user-friendly, invigilated examination platform designed for the academia.


both for examiners and students


for designing exams and marking them

Single Sign-On

using students' platform

Fully Invigilated

audio, video, and screen recording

High Performance

no extra high-speed Internet needed


up to 25,000 simultaneous exams

Online Support

both for examiners and students

GDPR Compliant

throughout the process

Cost Effective

compared to all alternatives

Certification service

Based on your demand, we can provide different solutions. 
In the Lite option, a partner licenses training material and allows their organization to enable fast track accreditation. Your organization does not need to worry about material quality, maintenance,  revisions, and material accreditation.  
In the Plus option, you would become our affiliate. We execute your accreditation activities on your behalf so that you won’t have to worry about a quality management system and organizational accreditation. 

In the Business option, organizations can provide internal training under our accreditation label.

Courseware only

Suitable for (large corporate) trainers
Per Deligate
  • Courseware (Licensed material)
  • Trainer materials
  • Litrature
  • QMS usage
  • Exam(s)

Courseware & Book

Suitable for (most) trainers
Per deligate
  • Courseware (Licensed material)
  • Trainer materials​
  • Litrature​
  • QMS usage​
  • Exam(s)

Courseware, Book and Exam

Suitable for (regular) trainers or academy(s)
Per Deligate
  • Courseware (Licensed material)
  • Trainer materials
  • Litrature
  • QMS usage
  • Exam(s)

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