Van Haren Publishing at The Open Group Dublin 2019

April 29th- May 2nd, 2019 Dublin, Ireland. A few weeks ago, Van Haren Publishing was at the yearly Open Group Event in Dublin. In this blog you can read a short review on this day of 2 minutes.


About the event

The event was called Digital In Practice, and was an Open Group Europe event. Normally, this yearly annual event isheld in London, but this year The Open Group decided to host a European event in Dublin, Ireland. Maurits van der Plas (Sales Director) was there to have a look at what’s going on at The Open Group, and to represent Van Haren Publishing as the official publisher and sponsor of The Open Group.

One of the highlights of the events was the launch of TOGAF Business Architecture. Also some information were given regarding to Agile Architecture Body of Knowledge and there was something mentioned about Archimate 3.1 coming out in November at The Open Group Amsterdam.

On top of that, there were some interesting speakers during the event with some fascinating sessions onlooking towards the Digital Future. For example, Banking in the Cloud was one of the topics that was discussed during the event. Besides that, other subjects were discussed including:

  • – Delivering Business Service Integration Paradigm using a Banking Cloud Marketplace
  • – New Frontiers in Data Science!
  • – Case Study: Using the ArchiMate® Model of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Standard
  • – Smart Cities Architecture and Implementation Workshop: Standards and Technology
  • – Industry 4.0
  • – A panel of experts discussed progress towards The Open Group vision of a standards-based, open, secure, and interoperable process control architecture


Who was there

As usual, many organizations were represented. Over the past couple of years, Van Haren Publishing has been working closely with a fixed numberof people and organizations. This has resulted in some great partnerships, and some of them were also present at the Open Group Event. For example the AEA forum, IBM, Accenture, Fruition, DXC Technologies and other additional organizations.


What did we do

Maurits van der Plas received his certificate for The TOGAF Standard 9,2 from The Open Group CEO Steve Nunn. We showed the Van Haren Publishing X The Open Group portfolio and talked about which publications are coming out in the near future, such as The TOGAF Business Architecture guide and The TOGAF  Standard 9,2 Pocket in French.

On top of that, we showed our current publications such as BIAN, IT-CMF and ITIL® 4 to the participators and other organizations at the event. They could have a look inside and see what is going on in the best practice industry. Also participants could buy the publications with a one-day only lasting discount offer.


What did we notice

There was great interest for TOGAF Business Architecture. There were many positive reviews about the quality of the certification and the added value of this product.

The AEA Global forum displayed some of the social batchings during the event. They showed participators how they can be added for professionals to join their events. The Open Group eventsgives professionals a great opportunity to show their interest in the industry and their desire to improve their knowledge.

Van Haren Learning Solutions, a sister company of Van Haren Publishing, is in the process of becomingthe certification body of BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network). We have already spoken with some professionals from several leading companies and informed them about this new certification. Their reaction and feedback was extremely positive which wasvery rewarding forus! Some of them have even committed themselves and there were quite a fewprofessionals who showed great interest in the certification.

The support from The Open Group was also fantastic! For example, The Open Group will release a banking architecture guide about BIAN. This will also includea BIAN certification. This really shows the great collaboration between these two standards and the what added value will be.


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