Van Haren Publishing and Test Automation Days 2019 in Utrecht

Wednesday June 19 & Thursday June 20, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands

About Test Automation Days

Test Automation Days is a unique conference focused on test automation. This year the main theme was: Test Automation in a Continuous World

In a world where everything needs to be continuous, has Test Automation also evolved into a continuous process: delivering software, testing, learning, creating value, etc. How do you adjust to a continuous world? How do you keep up and deal with continual change relative to Test Automation? Or do you think that “continuous” is nothing more than hype to put extra pressure on everything we do?

This year the conference was expended with an extra day. The conference started on June 19thwith an in-depth, hands-on masterclass day. This day was all about learning by doing. The masterclass day was sold out in advance.

The second day was filled with inspiring keynote speakers, and experienced practitioners to share their vision. There was plenty of room to share and expand your network. 

To get an idea of the conference, please visit the impressions pagewith pictures and videos of the 2019 edition.

Visitors and programme

June 19, day 1, was sold out in advance. This means that the conference welcomed around 130 visitors for the masterclass day. The second day there were around 280 visitors present. 

All visitors work in Test Automation, as test automation engineer, QA engineer, test engineer, Agile tester, test manager, etc. 

June 19thwas all about the masterclasses and the hands-on learning experiences, please find an overview of the programmehere.

On June 20 4 inspiring keynotes presented their stories:

  • Mirjana Kolarov, Test Architect at Levi9 IT Services, Co-Founder at Test’RS Club
  • Amir Rustamzadeh, Senior Engineer,
  • Paul Gerrard, Principal, Gerrard Consulting
  • Dorothy Graham, Member Test Automation Days Programme Committee

Especially the closing keynote of Dorothy was inspiring, she shared about her continuous life in test automation. 

The break-outs were filled with experienced practitioners who were keen to share their knowledge and experiences. Please find the full programme here

Collaboration between Van Haren Publishing and Test Automation Days

Van Haren Publishing is one of the communication partners for this conference. Since we also offer IT books and eBooks, we like to partner up with conferences to share more knowledge. Our contacts profit from a discount on the registration fee of the conference. In return the organizers mention our name (and logo) on all conference materials. 

For us, this is a great way to expand our brand awareness. 

What did we notice? 

We visited a wonderful conference, with an open and friendly atmosphere. All visitors were very keen to learn from experts and to share their knowledge. The conference rooms were all very nicely equipped and the foyer for the catering was decorated well. We have spoken to many people and all of them were very excited to be there. We noticed this is really a unique conference for this target audience, we have never experienced this before. 

We look forward to the 10thanniversary edition on June 17 & 18 2020 in Utrecht!

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