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Our Certifications

We need to embrace lifelong learning by being constantly exposed to different ways of learning if we are ever going to future proof our workforce.
Our certifications are designed to validate understanding and knowledge. We can help (you) to create a better future for yourself.

Realizing Continuous Growth

Agile Foundation

An Agile Consortium certification

The Agile Foundation Certificate awarded by the Agile Consortium is intended for those who are new to the agile way of thinking & working and wish to know more about the agile principles and practices.


Preparing the Future Work Force

A.I. Foundation

by I'm Digital

I.AM.DIGITAL’s goal is to educate over a million professionals in the near future to get them digitally updated and ready for a tech-savvy world. Where the future of soft skills are the new hard skills!


Apply a Pragmatic Flow

Pragmatic Kanban

by Pragmatic Learning

The Pragmatic Kanban Foundation exam is generic and is intended for everyone who works in or with (or will work in or with) an organization and is interested in reaping the benefits of using Kanban.

Banking Architecture

BIAN Certification

A BIAN Certification

The BIAN Foundation Exam is the exam for the official BIAN Foundation level certification by the Banking Industry Architecture Network.

The Foundation of Every Collaboration



Using CATS CM®  will help any organization in getting in control over all levels of contract management. Certified professionals will excell and help organizations to become winners in contractmanagement.

Enable transparancy, ease and understanding

IT Asset Management

by ITAMOrg

IT ASSET MANAGEMENT (ITAM) forms an vital element in a business strategy enabling cost control, risk reduction, more secure operations and improved business value in the IT asset lifecycle, including all aspects of hardware and software.

Who is servicing who?

Software Asset Management

by ITAMOrg​

Transparent licensing is important for every organization. knowing what you have and usage. This may prevent colossal fines from the big tech companies.

Bring Your Own Device

HardwareAsset Management

Provide the understanding on how to acquire, control, and dispose of hardware in the according way.


A governmental security standard

Governmental Security is a baseline for public organisations such as local governments, ministries, and their security organization teams. 

Data Driven Decision Making

Growth Hacking

How can you (and other) oganizations foster continuous growth? It’s all about continuously striving for a best practice way of working.

Follow Your North Star

Design Thinking

Comming soon

Design thinking is a relativly new practice where prioratizing and working are revisioned and approached from a diffrent angle. 

Balancing Theory and Practice

Data Management

A growing data managment community

Data management should be seen as a key differentiator in business. The real value of data depends on the person and his or her situation. Not on the data directly itself.

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