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With our services and fresh take on certification, we can bring your certification (levels )into the future.

Included services


We take care of all customer handeling, payment and registration ​


We provide 24/7 basic support and are available by telephone. In English and can support several languages on a second support level.

social qualification

We enable social badge for certified, ex-certified. But can also enable member badges and many more enablers and qualifiers.

Security & GDPR ​

Our examination system is beyond secured, fully GDPR compliant and user and personal data-friendly. ​

Exam creation

We have facilitate in the exam creation and exam delivery. Including quality control, improvement and handeling.

Account management

We leverage (take advantage of) our current partner network and also take care of your network and eco-system so you won't have to worry,.


We facilitate our certification partners with candidate performances and evaluations. We also report the exam and examination performances.

Marketing Automation

We enable your marketing activities. We provide guidance and support to activate lead generation and candidate enablement.


We are a modern certification organization, focusing on first-rate innovation, digitalisation and best practices for the future.

Trending Certifications

Banking Architecture

Realizing Continuous Growth

a Agile Consortium certification

Apply a pragmatic flow

by Pragmatic Learning

Preparing the future work force

The foundation of every collaboration

Balancing theory and practice

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