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Being Agile Foundation Certified means that you can cope with this ever adaptive environment that we are living in nowadays from an ‘Agile’ perspective.

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Why the Agile Consortium Certification

To adapt to this ever-changing world, you need to be highly efficient and respond quickly to new developments and requirements. Agility is a core-competence and competitive advantage which you can benefit from once you’ve mastered this certification.


Agile Foundation Certificate by the Agile Consortium

Possess the skills to initiate agile principles and practices within an organization.


Easy Preperation

+ Accredited training
+ Literature 
+ Syllabus
+ Practice exam


Enable your Agile Adoption

Acquire an Agile mindset, become flexible, value transparency, respect the agile way of working.


Build Your Agile Profession

You can do either the Agile foundation, practitioner or even the master level to become a fully Agile professional. 


Certify to Inspire

All of our Agile certifications are based on the ‘certify to inspire’ program from the Agile Consortium.


Join the Agile community

Organizations and professionals who share knowledge in the field of agile.


FAQ About the Agile exam

The Agile Foundation certificate is intended for people and professionals who are relatively new to the concept of “agile”, or are working in an Agile environment and would like to prove they understand how to work correctly in an Agile environment.

You will learn to be ‘Agile’ in the sense that you can cope with this ever adaptive environment that we are leaving in nowadays. Being able to cope and respond accordingly with fast-evolving digital technologies, disruptive businesses, and start-ups. To be able to adapt in this ever-changing world you are required to be highly efficient and respond quickly to new developments and requirements. Agility is a core-competence and competitive advantage you will benefit from when you master this certification.

Subject include; 

    • Agile Manifesto
    • Agile Culture and Leadership
    • Scrum
    • Methods and framework: Kanban
    • Methods and framework: Lean Startup
    • Methods and framework: other
    • Agile Methods: XP (Extreme Programming)
    • Agile Methods: other Value and regular delivery
    • Empiricism and improvement
The number of questions:60
Duration(minute) of exam:60 minutes
Pass Mark – X% (X marks): 70%
Open/Closed book:closed

Upon successful completion of the exam (70%+) we will send you your certificate shortly thereafter via email.

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  • Attempting the certification exam is a sure way of consolidating the participants’ Agile Foundation knowledge and to make sure the learning gaps are effectively addressed.
  • Certification is the only way to ascertain the participants understood the concepts and ready to embark on implementation work. Otherwise, there is no quantifiable way to measure their effectiveness knowledge transfer.
  • Certification is an indication that the participants attained proficiency in Agile and acknowledged by an independent international body
  • From an educational point of view, it is a big morale booster and motivates participants to engage confidently in real-life implementation and collaborative in the project environment.


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About the Agile Consortium

The Agile way is a way to become more successful in an increasingly complex world – that is the vision of the Agile Consortium. Including its predecessor, the Agile Consortium has been active since the mid-90s. The Agile Consortium wants to offer a knowledge platform on which organizations and professionals can share knowledge in the field of agile. A platform to share, learn and innovate. To be able to reap the benefits of working in an agile way faster.
I like to thank for providing me the opportunity to do my exam! You need to hurry since you have one minute per question, so keep an eye on the time! The questions are clear, most are broad but some are quite deep. I hope that my feedback will help others to prepare for this certification.
Hanifi Ögretmen
Kwaliteitsmanager Rabobank

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