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community of practice

How to initiate and facilitate one!


Where to start and the cursials requirements to get a community of practice of the ground and get it going.

Enable the snowball

Once the community is up in the air. How do you nurture it so it keeps evolving and keeps growing.


What can and should you do, and where can Van Haren Learnining Solutions support in this.

Best Practices

Example of who has already done this before. How did they do this, and what lessions can we learn from them.

Where to start

What are the first steps, and how do you innitiate them. Here some handles options that can be of help.


some of the partners that have already done this with us, who can give there personal experiance .

one month in!


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one month in!

Puch extra hard durich the start!

Enable The Snowball​

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Puch extra hard durich the start!

Through out the entire journey


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Through out the entire journey

Form a Priamide

Community of Practice

What you like to establish is Piramide of practitioners. Where the people on top enable the professionals under them. It’s not a hierarchical pyramid, but an enabler who ensures the continued growth of the organization. 


Provide vision and need

The main importance is to create and set out a vision. Which can be embodied by all. This is a crucial asset to get the snowball to roll independently. 

Set up a strategie

Set up a strategy, determine the vision that your organizations and all your employees can embrace and strives for,


Find your champions that lead the pack, you will need leaders that take the first step in the journey.  

Enable The Snowball

Initiate the learning, and Lead by example

Once you have your leaders, they get them up to speed and have them become champions. They need to enable an uphill learning curve. 

Let it grow

Once you have the vision, strategy and the champions. You need the organization to pass over the stik. Get the community to grow step by step, Level by level! 


Enable the community to learn, grow, and expand. Nurture it, facilitate it. There are several ways to do so, and we can help! 



While facilitating, your community needs content. In the form of books, papers, blogs, articles, webinars, and more. Everything they need to continue in the learning journey.

Practitioners (trainers & Coaches)

You need professionals to provocate the knowledge, via trainers or for example coaches. These can be external or internal of your organization. 


Remove boundaries, Enable the community of practice, and support the snowball to grow. Support HR’s L&D, like enable the content to be available to all users. Takeaways logistics boundaries and make facilitates communication. 

Adoption journey explained by BIAN users

Video - Best practice of the Rabobank

Where To Start

Make a plan

For every organization the requirements and needs are diffrent, therefore it makes sence to first make a plan, start by including the end goals and go from there. 


There are several facilitatiors that can enable a kick-start, but getting the organization to adopt is of the biggest importance. 


Enable Participaints, practitioners, champions and Coaches all are vital stakeholders that need to be supported in there own manner. 

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