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I.AM.DIGITAL Artificial Intelligence

I.AM.Digital has a mission to prepare the future workforce for upcoming digital revolutions. Their goal is to prepare a million people within the next three years to be able to exist – and coexist – in the world of the future. 



I.AM.DIGITAL’s aim to prepare Dutch organisations for the Digital Transformation will focus on data and AI in order to help employees become agile and resilient in our tech-savvy society. 

Why the I.AM.DIGITAL Certification?

“Half of the workforce in the Netherlands won’t have the right skills anymore in ten years” – NRC, Feb 2019  (Dutch National Newspaper)

I.AM.DIGITAL aims to educate a million professionals in the near future to get them digitally updated and ready for the tech-savvy world. 

Where the future of soft skills are the new hard skills.


A.I.I.AM.Digital Foundation certificate

You will receive an official A.I. Foundation certificate from I.AM.Digital. after passing the exam.


Easy preparation

+ Accredited training
+ e-learning
+ Blended learning
+ Syllabus
+ Practice exam


Become future proof

Make sure that you’re ready for the technical revolution. Become future proof by getting the  digital skills you need. 


Follow the mission

1 million professionals digital-ready

FAQ about the exam

  • Key terms about digital transformation
  • Vital trends and developments
  • Chances and threats
  • Influence of candidates on sectors and organizations.

  • Theme 1: Introduction digital transformation
  • Theme 2: Technological innovations
  • Theme 3: Information security and privacy
  • Theme 4: Ethics and philosophy
  • Theme 5: Data driven organizations
  • Theme 6: Cyber security
  • Theme 7: Transitions and culture
  • Theme 8: The future of work
  • Theme 9:e The human factor

The expected study effort for this exam is 16 hours. The recommended number of contact hours of the A.I. I.AM.DIGITAL is 8 hours online and 8 hours offline.

It is not required that the delegate possess a lot of knowledge about digital transformation or A.I.. Though some basic level of knowledge concerning usage of technologies in daily life is expected.

The number of questions:60
Duration (minute) of exam:60 minutes
Pass Mark – X% (X marks): 65%
Open/Closed book:closed

· Passing the certification exam is a sure way of consolidating the participants’ knowledge and understanding and to make sure any learning gaps are effectively addressed.

· Certification is the only way to ascertain that participants understand the concepts and are ready to embark on implementing these concepts at work. Without this, it will be difficult to find a quantifiable way to measure the effectiveness of application of their knowledge.

· Certification is a (clear) indication that the participants attained proficiency is acknowledged by an independent international certification body.

· From an educational point of view, it is a huge morale booster and motivates participants to engage with confidence in real-life implementation and collaboration in the project environment.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

What an amazing initiative! It's based on the Finish model but that made less technical and more useful for everyday professionals.
Gerard Janssen
Trainer Artificial Intelligence at Vijfhart

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