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Professional Certification

We have many scheme holders that benefit greatly from our service. We are flexible, adaptive and for most digital minded.

Become Accredited

We can easily help you to become an accredited partner, our service is designed to be relevant and efficient.

University Service

We have several services that we provide to universities, such as viewing copies, digital examination and recorded invigilation.

Professional Certification

Our approach to certification delivery comes with a digital twist - removal of traditional obstacles. By doing so, we can take the candidate experience to the next level.

Our Services

We try to look at existing problems with a fresh pair of eyes. Innovation and digitalization allows us to remove any obstacles and to prevent problems.

Fully Independent

We are uniquely independent both as a company and as a brand. Our policies have been set-up to make sure that this will always remain so.

Evaluation Based Quality Assesment

Quality levels are assessed through constant evaluation of executed examinations, processes and procedures. We are constantly working on these to improve the overall quality of what we do.

Data Security

We and our partners have made sure we follow the legislation stipulated by the ISO guidelines on data storage and security.


Van Haren Learning Solutions Accreditation

Become accredited with us through one of the Van Haren Learning Solution label certifications.

Partners Accreditations

Let us help you to become accredited with one of our partner accreditations

University Services

We offer a variety of proven solutions for universities that are of great added value.

Digital Examination and Invigilation

We can help global universities to execute testing and remote invigilation with our CertN Academic solutions.

Certification Service

Van Haren also helps universities and similar institutes to establish accreditation in certain certifications.

Vieuwing Copy

Everyone working in the educational industry can download any our digital coursewares, exams and books.

Stay tuned to learn more about our services!

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