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BIAN Banking Architecture Certification

The BIAN Banking Architecture certification is a way for banks to arm themselves against today’s age of digital disruption.   

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Why the BIAN Certification

Using BIAN Banking Architecture, banking service providers can be adaptive, efficient and minimalize IT spending which are vital assets in these times of digital disruption. 


Only Banking Architecture Certification

The BIAN banking Architecture is the only banking Architecture Certification. 


Easy preparation

+ Accredited training
+ BIAN Book 
+ Courseware
+ Syllabus
+ Practice exam


Enable BIAN adoption

Using the BIAN adoption starters infographic, you can determine where you are on your BIAN journey.   


The Banking Reference model

You can “copy-paste” the banking reference architecture directly into your own organization.


API library & Guide

You can “copy-paste” any API that fits into your organization and make use of  instance automatization.


Coreless banking

The future of banking is being reimagined daily as we face disruption from every angle.

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FAQ About the BIAN exam

The BIAN certification is intended for enterprise architects, solution architects,
consultants and advisors in the banking and financial services industry.

Job descriptions such as:

  • Enterprise and Solution Architects who work in the financial services industry.
  • Consultants and Senior Consultants that operate in the financial services industry.
  • Tooling providers that operate in the financial services industry
  • Software Solution Providers that operate in the financial services industry
  • Integrators and 3rd party service providers that operate in the financial services industry .
  • This certification qualifies professionals and demonstrates their knowledge of BIAN
  • It is necessary for professionals to have this basic knowledge in order to model a financial institute to the BIAN standard
  • It qualifies professionals in the financial services industry to demonstrate that they have a proper understanding of the standards in architecture required for financial organizations.
The number of questions:60
Duration(minute) of exam:60 minutes
Pass Mark – X% (X marks): 70%
Open/Closed book:closed

To prepare for the BIAN Foundation exam we recommend that you participate in an accredited BIAN Foundation training.
Our Accredted training partners are listed below.

It’s also possible to do the exam by studying on your own for the exam (self-study). After you purchase the exam voucher you will also get access to the exam literature in ebook format; BIAN Edition 2019 – a framework for the financial services industry (ISBN Hardcopy 9789401803151).

The B.I.A.N. Foundation Certification Syllabus will provide you with more detailed information about the exam. It contains a description, certification scope, information about BIAN and its members. 

We also recommend that before you start to study you should read the exam requirements, exam specifications, and the literature mapping.
This will ensure that you are studying the right modules from the exam literature.

  • Attempting the certification exam is a sure way of consolidating the participants’ BIAN knowledge and to make sure the learning gaps are effectively addressed.
  • Certification is the only way to ascertain the participants understood the concepts and ready to embark on implementation work. Otherwise, there is no quantifiable way to measure their effectiveness knowledge transfer.
  • Certification is an indication that the participants attained proficiency in BIAN and acknowledged by an independent international body
  • From an educational piont of view, it is a big morale booster and motivates participants to engage confidently in real-life implementation and collaborative in the project environment.

About BIAN

The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is a collaborative not-for-profit ecosystem formed of leading banks, technology providers, consultants and academics from all over the globe.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

The BIAN certification is a great added value for architects acting in the banking industry. The knowledge obtained, allows you to significantly lower the overall integration costs and improve operational efficiency by re-use of capabilities.
Gerard Peters
FS Architecture Lead Capgemini
The BIAN certifications mean that it's another milestone to my professional development, to be recognized in terms of having some expertise in the BIAN framework. It's also a portable skill that I can carry with me and it's applicable to any financial industry. Members but also vendors that are partnering with the financial industry. I decided to go for the certification because it is a standard and it is portable.
Warren Hankin BIAN
Warren Hankin
Santander UK