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You can find testimonials here from our training, affiliates and courseware partners. How they experience our partnership and way of collaborating. 


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Our certifications are mostly owned by the IP/scheme owner of the practice. How do they experience our collaboration and the partnership we have together. 


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How do end-users, candidates, and students experience our service and quality? Including the value of our products such as courseware, exams, and certifications. 


Working with Van Haren as a supplier is as a partnership. We share the successes and resolve issues quickly together. And in the meanwhile, it is also a pleasant way of collaborating.
Reinoud Ykema
Project, portfolio en delivery Manager Capgemini Academy
The high-quality courseware and books from Van Haren make our training of very strong offering. We can really differentiate ourselves from other suppliers and it makes our organization efficient and effective.
Gert Kedde
Product Manager Global Knowledge
Working with Van Haren, we can really differentiate from our competitors and deliver much more value to our customers. It has enabled us to become one of the biggest TOGAF and Archimate trainers in the Netherlands.
Patrick van der Geest
Product Manager Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen
We have always had a good relationship with Van Haren, Van Haren and Pink Elephant go way back with the creation of ITIL and are also together looking towards the future of learning.
Yvette Hillenaar
Business unit manager Education & Consulting Pink Elephant
With Van Haren learning solutions, we can create real added value and train our professionals with high-quality course material and train them with experts in security, agile, DevOps and more!
Erik Houben
Quality Manager Kenbit
”ALL listed slides in both documents are corrected and documents look very good. Thank you for looking after this. I am sure that all partners and trainers appreciate your actions”
Andrzej Gadomski
Trainer EMSC
”It’s a very good material and a great offer, I very much like to use it!”
Krzysztof Politowicz
High-quality Trainer

Certification IP/scheme owner testimonals

I had the privilige to setup the architects certification for BIAN. Maurits is a terrific guy to work with. Always positive, hard working, smart and very professional. Enjoyed our cooperation immensely. Look him up.
Van Haren is a great partner to work with, he knows the market and his partners well. We have a strong and also beneficial partnership where both parties benefit greatly from each other's support!
Erwin de Graaf
Sales Director Benelux and Spain EXIN

Customer Testimonials

From an architectural perspective, by Knowing BIAN, banking architecture professionals helps banks and financial institutions for 1) Strategic portfolio planning and value stream analysis and heatmapping (refers to BIAN Business Capability Model) toward creating value in their ecosystem; 2) Information exchange management (refers to BIAN Service Landscape) toward enabling interoperability and open banking; and 3) Data management and analytics (refers to BIAN Business Object Model) toward getting a grip on business semantics and data landscape.
Laleh Rafati
BIAN Information Architect Envizion
The BIAN certification is a great added value for architects acting in the banking industry. The knowledge obtained, allows you to significantly lower the overall integration costs and improve operational efficiency by re-use of capabilities. Having chaired the BIAN Certification working group we enabled these and many more benefits to organizations
Gerard Peters
FS Architecture community lead Benelux Capgemini
“Currently there is no certification specifically on banking architecture and no common language exists which architects can use to communicate within the bank or externally with IT vendors & the banking architecture community. BIAN helps fill this void. This certification provides a practical guide to banking architects to move away from proprietary architectures to banking industry standards. The core of this certification lies in understanding the service landscape which helps in developing an enterprise blueprint/capability model which eventually reduces the downstream effort to develop micro services and API’s. Aside of this, EA practice can also leverage on the BIAN metamodel in Archimate notation to further enrich the practice and reduce overheads whilst aligning with industry best practices. On an end note, understanding this book and passing the BIAN exam will soon become a hygiene factor for architecture professionals within the banking sector similar to the TOGAF exam which is fundamental for EA practitioners across industries.
Rajaram Dilipkumar
Regional Business Architect CIMB Group
Ian Guy Gillard, executive vice-president, Bangkok Bank at SIBOS 2019 

About how BIAN enables Banking as a service (BaaS), the Coreless Bank allows the Bangkok Bank to decompose banking to invoke services from different vendors.

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Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, HAN Hogeschool
Bas van Gils about the Agile foundation exam
Shabiya Younus about the Agile foundation exam
Arie van Bennekum previous chair of the Agile Consortium
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