Van Haren Publishing at Digital Design Architecture Day ‘19 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Van Haren Publishing at Digital Design Architecture Day ‘19 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Thursday November 12th 2019 at the Conference Centre 1931 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Written by: Linda Wouters (CKC) and Paul van den Elzen (Van Haren Publishing)

About Digital Architecture Design Day

Digital Architecture Design Day is a community-driven event that showcases the best ways of putting strategy into practice for information-intensive, medium to large-sized ecosystems dealing with complex environments. The goal of the conference was sustainable change and coherent solutions. The topic was learning from global thought leaders, best practices and new ideas in the market. Digital Architecture Design Day was a one-day conference that included a full evening program and a walking dinner. It turned into a playground of creativity, innovation and hands-on experiences. People came for new insight and stayed for the chance to do some networking and have fun! 

Visitors and program

Digital Architecture Design Day was the key meeting place for ‘Users’ (business) and ‘Creators’ (IT) of digital architecture. Including those responsible for translating strategy into practice, and from medium to large ecosystems involved in complex collaboration such as: digital architects, digital designers, senior developers / engineers, senior management (CIO’s, CTO’s), IT managers, product owners, product managers, innovation managers, business analysts, data analysts, technical project managers, tech leads, lead architects, enterprise architects, business architects, domain architects, information architects, solution architects.

The plenary program was hosted by Annemarie van Campen. There were several keynote speakers who inspired the crowd:

–      Eric D. Schabell, Global Technology Evangelist and Portfolio Architect Director, Red Hat.Eric talked to us about the keys to a career in open source. Understanding how to build up a career, what choices are crucial, and what actions can accelerate or damage your open source future are sometimes hard to grasp. Learning to position, expand and improve your personal brand in the open source world is what this session was all about. Be ready to take your next step in your career!

–      He-Yu Hua (VP of Enterprise Data) and Bram Nauts (VP of ABN AMRO Bank) talked about three new key insights to encourage you to rethink your data transformation journey. 

–      Nancy Rademakers, Partner, Nexxworks. She taught us about the X factor of customer-centricity. The X factor is not only about the customer. Equally focusing on Employee Experience (EX) helps distinguish great companies from average ones. CX and EX go hand in hand to ensure an organization’s success, and this often means a drastic cultural change requiring leadership and organizational structure to get a thorough make-over.

–      Rens van der Vorst (Head of IT Innovation at Fontys University) and Technophilosopher. Rens inspired the crowd to think about the question “Is technology your master or your slave?

A parallel program provided several insights into the best practices. The evening program started with a lovely dinner at the exhibition hall, and there was plenty of time to chat and network with peers. There were more interactive sessions after dinner, which was a nice touch to the conference. 

What did we do

Van Haren Publishing is one of the communication partners for this conference. We always enjoy partnering up with conferences to share knowledge especially since we also publish Enterprise Architecture books, IT management books, and eBooks. We were present at the exhibition to network and talk to people about our book collection in EA, IT management, etc. For us, it’s a great way to increase our brand awareness!

What did we notice

We noticed that the event was very well organized and it attracted a younger target group thanks to the informal (stage) setting, location, dinner and opportunity to socialize over drinks. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was very open and accessible. We had the chance to meet some very interesting people and sold quite a few books on different topics.

There was a special interest in our BIAN certification and lots of people were keen on doing the practice exam. Naturally some got better results than others – yet overall everyone was very positive about the exam and the method. We received some positive feedback and can’t wait to implement some of the ideas.  

Finally, we really appreciated the fact that the organization of the DADD’19 gave a badge to their participators. Though it’s not commonly done, it does help if you’re participating in a full-day conference with over 25 sessions and a range of interesting set of keynotes in the field of Digital Architecture and Design. It made networking and learning about the latest developments easier when it came to topics such as Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Security Architecture, Software Architecture, Technology Architecture, Professional Skills, and the use of Liberating Structures.

Even though we’ve become accustomed to the high standard and quality of all the CKC events, this is one that we will remember as being extra special. It was the first edition of the Digital Architecture Design Day and one of the first events on this theme. We see a bright future for this subject and can’t wait to hear more. We hope to see you next year!

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