ITAM, SAM & HAM Train-The -Trainer by ITAMOrg (trainers only)

About this Train The Trainers

This ITAM, SAM, and HAM Train-The-Trainer (TTT) is intended for trainers who are familiar with IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Hardware Asset Management. In this training, ITAMOrg will support with in-depth practices and ‘war’ stories that can be used in training with these certifications. 

Participants will receive an ITAM Foundation exam voucher and a demo of the ITAM e-learning. After signing the (free) parter agreement, they will get access to the ITAM Education Partner community environment.  

This TTT is free for acquainted (signed) partners, others pay

Session 1
– 10/12 16.00 CET

Steve Lawless will share his ‘war’ stories and speak about;
– About ITAMOrg
– Introduction ITAM, SAM & HAM
– The trainer community
– The course structure
– Foundations training in ITAM

Session 2
– 18/12 10.00 CET

Jan Øberg will provide an idea of the content of the course material. Jan will give a more general overview of ITAM, SAM and HAM and the 4 main modules and how the course material is set up. 

Included for trainers

Exam voucher for these certifications, a demo of the ITAM e-learning and after signing the (free) partner agreement, you will get access to the ITAM Education Partner community environment.  

About the Train-the-trainer 

IT ASSET MANAGEMENT (ITAM) Foundation Course provides an introduction to IT Asset Management and is aimed at anyone new to ITAM. From IT administrators with an operational focus to the CFO with a budgetary responsibility. The attendees will be able to understand the concept and purpose of ITAM and how ITAM can benefit their organization. Furthermore, the participants will achieve an understanding of the licensing complexities related to IT operations in terms of software and hardware updates and acquisitions.

A main focus of the training program is to expand upon the workflow and define the key roles within the ITAM disciplines across financial, contractual, inventory departments as well as highlighting the cultural change that could ensue for end-users in an IT environment.

The ITAM Foundation Course is based on IT Ser-vice Management (ITSM) best practices and the ISO standards (ISO 55000 and 19770), introducing the participants to the ITAM work frame in terms of IT governance and optimization of the IT Assets from procurement through to disposal.

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