Partner agreement with Agile Consortium and Van Haren Learning Solutions

Agile Consortium signs partner agreement for Digital Exam distribution and internationalization with Van Haren Learning Solutions 

23-11-2019 – Jeroen Venneman (chairman Agile Consortium) and Maurits van der Plas (director Van Haren Learning Solutions) signed the contract in the lobby of the head office of the Rabobank in Utrecht.

About Agile Consortium Certification

The Agile Consortium has been successfully executing Agile Foundation Certification Exams through their Certify to Inspire certification program since 13-09-2010.

The Agile Consortium is a not for profit organization whose purpose is to improve the adoption of Agile and encourage organizations and individuals to learn and benefit from Agile.  

Why work with Van Haren Learning Solutions?

The Agile Consortium and its Certify to Inspire program differentiates from other agile certification programs by having a focus on inspiring people and organizations on Agile level instead of a specific framework, touching the mindset and providing a growth path related to continuous learning, supported by a growing community of certified practitioners and masters.  

This creates a unique fit with many Agilists, but coming from a passionate community instead of a commercial organization also slows down the growth. The next step on digitalisation for example took more than a year. This is not an agile way and therefor not a fit with the Agile Consortium. We wanted to change that and take the next steps in our continuous improvement ourself. So…. we are proud to announce the collaboration with Van Haren Learning center. This partner agreement combines the strengths of these two organizations. Van Haren has a broad international network and a proven Learning Center with examination and certification services for organizations such as the Banking Industry Architecture Network. 

After a succesfull pilot during the Agile Conference on 10-10-2019: we took the next step.  

On 23 November 2019, Jeroen Venneman and Maurits van der Plas were excited to come together to sign the final contract – with remaining executives signing later that day. 

Van Haren Learning Solutions and the Agile Consortium will now start to do the needed preparations to make sure this certification will be ready for early next year.

More information?

If you like to know more you can already go to

Stay tuned as more information over this will be coming soon!

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