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How to start your Agile journey 'Get the Agile - Pocket Guide'

This book is about applying Agile from team level to the level of the whole organization. It is the guide in the transformation to a structured Agile way of working and a reference for those who already are Agile and want to take it to the next step.

The book provides a good foundation for the `Certify to inspire ‘program of the Agile Consortium with certification at the level of Agile Foundation, Practitioner and Master.

I like to thank for providing me the opportunity to do my exam! You need to hurry since you have one minute per question, so keep an eye on the time! The questions are clear, most are broad but some are quite deep. I hope that my feedback will help others to prepare for this certification.
Hanifi Ögretmen
Kwaliteitsmanager Rabobank

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